This precious labels are created from an exclusive material we have specially developed using lava rock from the Sicilian volcano Etna.

Etnite bottles are an expolosive and fiery way to express your passion.


The fine labels of this bottle are produced with a unique, wood-based material, because wood just like tru love is tempered and more resistant with each passing season. Legno labels are an expression of an enduring love that grows stronger every day.

green nature

The beautiful labels of this bottle are created from an innovative, all-natural material derived from the plants of our vineyard together with fruit and grain extarcts.

Made in Florence

Are you looking for a truly distinctive gift item? A bottle of wine is a fine choice, but why settle for just any gift bottle. Our wine bottles are absolutely unique, rising above all other currently available on the market. Instead of a standard paper label, Vino Gioiello offers wine bottles with fine decorative labels embossed on precious materials.

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